Learn more from past Ford driving dreams students and educators across the nation about their experience with the programs!

Ford Driving Dreams values feedback that enhance the services of those impacted by our programs.

"As a person, I learned a lot about how important it is to help those in need. Had it not been for Waukegan to College, Ford Driving Dreams and LULAC to encourage me to volunteer, I think I would not have understood what it means to impact someone. I am thankful to LULAC and Ford Fund for this opportunity."

Erick Castrejon
LULAC Council 5273
Waukegan, IL

"I have been impacted by the LULAC organization in numerous ways, from participating in the Ford Driving Dreams program my senior year of high school, to actively being part of our LULAC adult council. I am living proof of the positive impact they have on students like myself who are first-generation and Latinx."

Jacqueline Guerra
LULAC Council 4619
San Antonio, TX

"LULAC and Ford Driving Dreams have given me a lot of hope and self-confidence. Going to college was my first plan. Now that teachers have spoken to me, they have shown me new doors to open. Now my dream is to become a doctor. LULAC will help my dreams become a reality."

student LULAC Council 4782
Farmers Branch, TX

"After participating in the program and attending the various field trips, a number of students have expressed their desire to attend college in the future. As one student noted after the Westwood College field trip “I went home and told my mom ‘I want to go to college!"

Program Coordinator
LULAC Council 2848
Anaheim, CA

“The Ford Driving Dreams Grants program impacted me by allowing me to see all the opportunities out there and helping me set goals to obtain these academic achievements."

Ailyn Arroyos
Ford Driving Dreams & University of New Mexico Class of 2020 Alumni

"The Ford Driving Dreams Grants program impacted me by providing the necessary resources throughout high school to pursue a higher education without having student loans. I am the youngest of three girls, and I am a first- generation college student. My single mother was always supportive of my dreams to travel and get a degree. That was all made possible with the assistance of programs such as this one."

Crystal Loya
Ford Driving Dreams & University of New Mexico Class of 2020 Alumni